3 Best Seat Cover Fabrics for Kids


As a parent, you not only have to constantly worry about the safety of your children, but also, you have to worry about the protection of your property. From stains on the couch to spills on the carpet, it seems like you are always running around cleaning up one mess after another. While there is no realistic way to completely stain-proof your home, you can at least stain proof your car, with seat cover fabrics designed for little hands and big spills. 

Yes, there is such a thing as kid-proof car seat covers, designed to make your job, as a parent, at least a little bit easier. Some of the best kid-friendly fabrics available are as follows:

  1. Pet Seat Covers

Kids aren’t pets, but they can sure make a mess like one! Protect your seats from mud, juice spills and other kid-induced hazards with seat covers made of polyester or PVC. Polyester seat covers are durable, anti-rip and water-resistant. They were even designed to be machine washable! PVC is another waterproof material that is typically paired with the rugged polyester to create a barrier no juice can penetrate—not even cranberry.

  1. Mesh Seat Covers (in Black)

Machine washable, durable and easy to care for, mesh seat covers are often the go-to for parents of small children. The breathable knit fabric repels moisture and will keep your kids’ backsides cool during the hot summer months, thereby putting an end to any more complaints of “it’s too hot!”

  1. Leather Seat Covers

If you’re a parent that likes to keep things classy despite the obvious risks posed by small hands and feet, leather seat covers are perfect for you. Leather offers not only a luxurious feel to your car’s interior, but also, substantial protection from scratching, cracking or fading. Moreover, it’s easy to wipe down, perfect for parents who deal with daily spills and accidents.

As a parent, you’re accustomed to dirt, spills and grime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have at least one “clean zone.” Make your car that clean zone, with seat cover fabrics that are easy to clean, durable and all-around kid-friendly.