3 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How Avoid Them


Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating and fun experience. It is an excellent way to get connected with friends and is a sure way to create new friendships. Unfortunately, motorcycle riding can also bring significant dangers, and it’s not so much fun if it crashes or got involved in an accident.

Here are 3 of the most typical kinds of motorcycle accidents and meaningful ways to avoid them and ride safer all the time.

  1. Car pulling left in front


It is the most common motorcycle accident in Atlanta. A vehicle fails to see the motorcycle or judges its speed incorrectly, and immediately pulling left in front of the bike at an intersection.

How to avoid it:

Motorcyclists should always ride as if they’re invisible. If they assume no driver can see them, they’re less likely to be surprised when a vehicle pulls in front of their bike. It is necessary to look out for the front tire and where they are pointed. Motorcycle riders should try to avoid being the first one through an intersection.

  1. A vehicle hits from behind


When a bike comes to a stop at an intersection, a crosswalk, or a stop sign to avoid something, a driver from behind who did not have enough time to react can plow into the motorcycle at high speed. It can cause a fender bender accident that can kill a motorcycle rider.

How to avoid it: When there’s a car stopped at a multi-lane stoplight, and more cars are coming from behind, the biker should pull in front of the vehicle to make it safe from any subsequent impacts.

  1. A car opened its door


Riding in between vehicles in traffic, or just between moving traffic and parked cars, can mean more danger to motorcyclists just because a car opens its door.

How to avoid it: The best way to prevent this kind of accident is to never ride between cars in traffic and to avoid riding in parked cars and an active traffic lane.


Motorcycle riding is one of the most extricating feelings an individual can experience. Riders experience the freedom of the open road and the excitement of the movement. However, riding a motorcycle can also be an incredibly dangerous transportation. But if driven properly, they can be safe as well.