5 Things to Look for in a Car Body Shop


When your car needs a treatment, be it a small, a regular, or an elaborate one, every car body shop you tap on would present you with different estimates for the same amount of work. Keeping your cool and making the right choice at that time isn’t going to be an easy task.

An owner of Collision Center took us into confidence and shared a few invaluable tips on how to identify a reliable body shop for a car repair.

Here are few of his tips on the points of consideration for choosing the most reliable body shop which would provide their best possible service for your car and at the same time wouldn’t create a dent in your piggy bank.

  1. A Word-of-Mouth Does Make Sense

Advertisements are what the business people want you to know about them, but a word of mouth is what people let you know about their experience as a customer. Though your experience might differ, but if you hear similar phrases more than a couple of time, that holds some value. Be it a good remark or not a satisfactory one, keep the words in your mind before you take step ahead.

  1. Consider the Overhead and Shop Location

Bigger body shops that have too many front-office workers are more likely to charge higher rates than the smaller ones, as they need to pay off their staff. In most cases these shops charge more for labour hours padded with some non-essential work. In contrast, you can try out the local shops where you can receive quicker service all being done in front of your eyes. But again, do not believe in too unknown names, which you’ve never heard of. Your car parts are precious items, you need to be careful. But if you want to choose a bigger one, make sure you ask about the list of work they are going to deliver and insist on striking off the not-so-necessary stuff from the list.

  1. Compare the Estimates

Though this part of the tip is really uninteresting, tough, tiresome and time consuming, do not ignore. Take your car to all the shortlisted auto body shops and ask for repair quotes from them.

  1. Do Not Shy Away from Asking Questions

While narrowing down on a Body Shop, do not forget or shy away from asking a few key questions. They should include:

  • Would the shop ensure a written warranty?
  • If yes, for how much time would it be valid through?
  • What and all would get covered in the warranty?

Do not settle for less than one-year warranty

5) Follow Your Gut Feeling

There is nothing impractical in trusting your own feeling about the shops you were sorting out. The disposition of a shop speaks out many things that a paper work or a conversation wouldn’t. Have a look around the shop for number of customers waiting for their chance. Too empty a place might not be a reliable one. Observe the behaviour of the staffs and avoid people who aren’t straightforward.