BMW Convertible Cars: What’s in Store


The convertible or cabriolet models are cars that have a body style that can be converted between two modes: the open-air mode and the enclosed. But the degree to which it can be converted depends upon the physical features of the model. In BMW, we find a range of convertible models that share some common features.

Here are those features shared by the Santa Maria BMW dealers you get to find in any convertible model from a BMW make.

Types of BMW Convertibles

When we talk about Convertible cars we expect an ultimate driving experience that can cruise along the beaches of the ocean, through the green patches of a tropical forest, cross a desert, or drive up and downhill of the mountainous roads. Convertibles are made to let you enjoy every bit of a drive especially when you are on a holiday trip. The convertibles from BMW have gathered too many pet names to choose from.

From this list you can call it a cabriolet, roadster, spyder, ragtop, volante droptop, or just a convertible that you would love to own. The BMW convertibles are found in the 430i and 430i xDrive Series.


The BMW 4 Series of Convertibles have a fully lined hardtop that can be raised up or lowered down within 20 seconds, even when it is driving at a speed. While the feature operates like a fluid motion it integrates lighting and sound reduction bring back the interior the feel of a coupe.

Convertible Blends with Capacity

The BMW 4 Series Convertible can boast of a huge 13 cubic feet of trunk space. The compartments in the left and the right side of the main luggage area adds up more room for every kind of small items while the hardtop’s design represents a thoughtful construction that allows an unimpeded access, even when you pull the top down.

All-Around Comfort

In all the convertible models from the BMW makers you get to see these neck warmers that allow you to maintain the heat where you need it. There are three settings that can be independently controlled, and the air outputs of the air conditioner maintain the ideal temperature for both the driver and front passenger, even in the months of winter.

The 8 Different Levels

As shared by the Santa Maria BMW dealership, the BMW 4 Series Convertibles are versatile in nature because of the 8-speed Sport automatic transmission that gives the necessary push for a smoother ride at every level of speed. The larger gear delivers a double benefit, one being maintaining the focus on the performance at every level and the other being boosting up efficiency.

xDrive: BMW’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System

Working with the effects of the Dynamic Stability Control, xDrive, being the all-wheel drive system of BMW, can monitor the road conditions. It can sense out excess slip, can send the required amount of power to the wheel smartly with the surest of footing, can improve traction in the and deliver a neutral and highly responsive way of handling.