conversion vans for sale in Georgia


If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair for mobility purposes, then there are a number of different options available to you when it comes time to choose a conversion vehicle.  So when you are looking at conversion vans for sale in Georgia, consider the following questions.

  1. How serious are your mobility challenges?

The severity of your mobility issues is a major factor in determining what kind of conversion vehicle will meet your needs the best.  For example, for those in wheelchairs with good upper body strength and many disabled drivers who don’t use a wheelchair, a van, SUV, coupe or sedan can all be good options.   A van with a ramp means that a person in a wheelchair won’t have to worry about seat height for getting in and out of their vehicle.  For poor weather, there are minivans such as the Toyota Sienna that come with AWD.

  1. How important are convenience and practicality?

Mini vans and conversion vans offer superior convenience and practicality since they usually don’t require drivers having to hoist themselves out of their wheelchairs and into a car seat. This is not true with many coupes, SUVs and sedans.

Usually a conversion van or minivan will be more practical for people in wheelchairs.  The individual can drive directly from their wheelchair and not have to transfer into a vehicle seat. The additional space offered by vans is also very convenient.

  1. What type of weather will you be driving in?

It is very important to take into consideration how suited potential conversion vehicles are for using in your specific climate. For those who face rough weather on a regular basis, conversion vans do hold a key advantage, which is the driver does not have to get out of or store their wheelchair.  This can definitely be a big advantage in snow, rain or other bad weather.

  1. Do you have assistance from a qualified mobility dealer?

It is critical to work with a qualified mobility dealer whenever you are shopping for a conversion vehicle.  These professionals are experts and are familiar with the entire range of options that are available. They can help you determine which choice is the best for you.  This type of knowledgeable guidance is vital if you want to select a conversion vehicle that will serve you and your needs the best both now and many years in the future.