How Long Will New Brakes Last?


While your car, truck or SUV features a number of useful parts, the brakes are among the most important parts found on any vehicle. This system works with the brake pedal inside your car to ensure that as soon as you put your foot down, the system begins slowing your vehicle down before bringing it to a complete stop. When you hear grinding sounds coming from the brakes, the brakes feel squishy or your car takes too long to stop, you need new brakes. Brakes can last anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 miles or more, but the exact amount of time your new brakes will last depend on a few factors.

How Do You Use Your Brakes?

Slight pressure is the key to extending the life of your new brakes. When you need to come to a stop, place your foot on the brake pedal and slowly press down until it touches the floor. This reduces the pressure on the system and ensures that you get more mileage out of those brakes. Some drivers tend to use more force or pressure when stopping. If you constantly slam your foot down, you put more pressure on the system, which will reduce how long those brakes will last.

What is Your Driving Style?

Whether you are a more cautious or a more dangerous driver will also determine how long those brakes last. That does not mean that those who are super cautious will get more wear out of their brakes though. Cautious drivers who keep touching their brakes at the slightest hint of a problem can wear out their brakes just as fast as someone who slams on the brakes because they followed cars too closely.

What Type of Vehicle Do You Drive?

The type of vehicle that you drive can affect your brakes too. When taking their cars in for¬†auto repair Crystal Lake IL¬†drivers are sometimes surprised when they learn that they need new brakes because they thought they would get more use of a new set. Trucks, SUVs and certain types of sedans and larger vehicles need new brakes more frequently than economy and compact cars do. If you carry a lot of weight in your car, you’ll need brakes more often too.

You can talk with a repair center to get an idea of how long your brakes will last and when you will need a new set. Keep a log of how much you drive and any signs you notice relating to your brakes as well as the paperwork from when you got your last set installed. Mechanics will use this information and look at your current set to see if it’s time for a replacement.