How to Repair Damages from Your Car Cover?


A cover for any of your car gives it the maximum protection. This helps to maintain the best condition of the car for the years they are functional. Mostly the materials used to manufacture a car cover are leather and vinyl. So, choose the best one that suits your needs perfectly. Over time like all other things, they might also develop certain damages. If the damages are small enough you can consider fixing it yourself rather than buying a new one. Know how you are going to fix them on the basis of the material they are.

A Leather Cover

If you are having a leather car cover the process of repairing it is not a usual one. Purchase a fine grit sand paper. Rub the edges of the rip with it. Pour some alcohol in a cotton ball and make sure to clean the area that needs repairing.  Know how much damage has occurred by measurement so that you can repair the cover in the right way.

A Vinyl Cover

To repair a vinyl cover you would first need to do is measuring the rip that needs repairing. Cut the patch of vinyl an inch long and wide. Then turn the cover inside out. Pour some alcohol into a cotton ball till it becomes damp so that the area becomes clean around the rip. Letting it dry is the next step. The next step is to remove the backing from the adhesive vinyl patch. Put it over the damaged area and the repairing will be done.

 How To Keep Away Damages?

The best idea to keep damages away from a car cover is to buy a premium quality cover from There is a large collection of branded covers in the site. So, when you get one make sure that the quality is good. Using the best quality material will let the covers to last long and offer maximum protection to the cars. Your car will remain in the best condition over several years of usage. The covers will prevent dust, dirt and bad weather from bringing damaging effects to the car in the long run.