Not Just for Novelty: Car Tech for Entertainment and Increased Driver Safety



 Tech for the car, whether it’s integrated into the vehicle or a gadget that you bring along, can make long car roads more entertaining but also safer.

We get a lot of our entertainment from our smartphones these days, but looking at them while driving can, of course, be very dangerous. For this reason, car manufacturers and tech companies are innovating ways for people to safely use their phones while driving. Technology that’s meant purely for entertainment or for enhancing safety is becoming more advanced and more common too.

Here are a few technology items for on the road that can help make your trip more fun, as well as safer.

Voice Command Apps

Many of us want to use our phones in the car but looking down at them while driving, even for a second, is naturally dangerous. To enable safe phone voice while on the road, car and phone companies are making them controllable via voice.

Lots of new cars, such as the 2017 Dodge Charger, now allow you to connect your phone via Bluetooth to the car’s speaker system, so that you can talk, listen to music and get directions. Some phone makers have also introduced apps and virtual assistants, like Apple’s Siri or Window’s Cortana, that use voice commands.

Bluetooth Adaptors

Even if your car doesn’t come with Bluetooth capabilities, you can still use the function by buying an external one and adding it in. Bluetooth car speakers come with microphones and easy-to-use buttons so that you can listen to music or talk on the phone safely while driving through a high-quality sound system.

Car Chargers

 Of course, all of these smartphone-related gadgets won’t do you any good if your phone is dead. That’s where phone chargers for in the car come in handy. There are chargers available that plug into your car and portable one’s that you charge up at home and can use anywhere.

Having a fully charged phone is always safer than not having one because you can use it to call for help in an emergency and to look up directions if you get lost.

Dash Cams

 Dash cams won’t necessarily entertain you while you drive, but they can be a fun addition to your car and keep you safer. In the event of a crash or other incident, dash cams can be useful for determining what happened and resolving any legal or insurance disputes.

Looking back at dash cam footage after a fun trip can also be a way to remember it and share the experience with family and friends should something particularly interesting happen.

While long car rides can be tedious and smartphones and other devices can make them more fun, it’s important to put safety first. Never let your devices distract you from driving safely. If you need to look at your phone, find a safe spot to pull over first. Happily, there are some innovations that allow devices to be used safely in the car and can provide both entertainment and enhanced safety.