Parking Assist Technology and the RMV: How Road Test Rules are Rapidly Changing


With parallel parking being one of the top reasons why people fail their driving test, it’s high time we took the concept of parking more seriously with regard to new drivers. Due to the potential anxiety parking can cause for those with their test coming up, some places have introduced a new regime which allows parking-assist cameras to be used during driving tests.

But is this acceptable? Should today’s budding drivers be allowed the luxury of parking assist technology? This is a question many US states are still trying to come up with an answer to, with Pennsylvania and New Jersey being two of only a few states that are currently enforcing the rule of cameras being present in tests. If you’re still unsure about whether you agree with this new law, here are a few benefits of today’s rapidly changing road test rules you may not have considered.

Better real-road application

 Parking, especially parallel parking, is notoriously more difficult in larger vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. Whilst such vehicles are ideal for families because of the space they offer, manoeuvring them into tight spaces can be difficult even for the most experienced drivers.

This is why every new car made in the next few years will be legally required to have a rear-view camera to assist the driver with parking. So, if all modern-day cars will have cameras anyway, surely it makes sense to allow new drivers to use them during their test? When they purchase a new car, it will likely have a camera already installed so, if they’ll be using such cameras in real-road driving once they’ve passed, allowing them to get used to this technology during their test will certainly be useful.

Increased safety

 With a surprising 1 in 5 US car accidents taking place in parking lots, it’s clear to see that safety when parking needs to be improved. Almost all accidents that occur when trying to park are simply because the driver is unable to see everything that’s going on around them.

But, with the added addition of parking-assist cameras, not only will your parking skills improve but you’ll also significantly decrease the chances of hurting yourself or others in the process. So, as a new driver taking their test will have little parking experience, including a camera will almost guarantee increased safety for everyone.

Doesn’t hinder skill and learning

 One of the main arguments against including these cameras in driving tests is that they may reduce the driver’s abilities in actually learning how to park on their own. However, most people don’t realise that any parallel parking-assisted help is not allowed during tests; simply using the camera for visual purposes is all that’s permitted.

With today’s vehicles becoming more and more technologically advanced, it makes sense for driving tests to follow suit. Whilst including the use of cameras during tests may not appeal to everyone, there’s no denying that it will significantly increase safety and better equip the driver to use all the features of any brand-new car they choose to buy.