Save Money For Your Business And Lease Your New Ford Truck


It’s a new year and your business needs a new truck. You’ve got high hopes for the next year and there’s a lot of reason to be optimistic that business will improve, with economic growth in Canada forecast to lead the G7. Now might be the time to invest in the truck that both gets the job done and looks professional and authoritative.

The Ford F150 is the most popular pickup truck available today because it’s reliable, comfortable, and it delivers a better payload. With its aluminum frame and a heavier payload thanks to the high-strength steel front frame for commercial users, it just makes sense for any business that needs a truck. But the cost of owning a truck can be onerous and there are a lot of perks for leasing. Leasing can make sense for individuals, but when it comes to business, there is no better option.

You can get great financing options when leasing a Ford from your Ford dealer in Brampton. Business owners in Brampton and Mississauga have a number of options for Ford dealership. However, in Brampton, the Colony Ford Brampton dealership has been around longer than just about any of them, with 45 years serving Ford owners and businesses. They’ve also got a large inventory of Ford F150s and Super Duty trucks, whether it’s for yourself or for a fleet that will keep your business dependable and on time. So why lease from a dealership like Colony Ford Brampton? Businesses in particular benefit from leasing in a number of ways:

  1. Tax Breaks – The tax breaks for leasing a vehicle are up to 6 times bigger than ownership. When you lease a vehicle for your business, you also don’t want to pay too much up front. You can deduct up to 100 percent of your lease payments if you use it entirely for your business.


  1. Upgrade Sooner – If you’re using your Ford F150 for your job, you’re going to have higher maintenance costs and likely need a new truck sooner than if you were just using it personally. Leasing lets you get in and out of a vehicle at a lower cost and in less time.


  1. Don’t Pay for Depreciation – When it comes to business, you have to look at the utility of your vehicle. Keep your personal attachment to owning a car to your personal life and save up for something special. With your business, you only want to pay for the use you get out of it. Don’t pay the high depreciation costs that come with owning a vehicle.


  1. Mitigate Risks – When a business buys a car or truck, it counts the residual value as an asset, but the market may not be kind. If the resale value of that car or truck is lower than expected, it can hurt your asset profile. By leasing, you’re not taking a risk on your assets.

Leasing is a sensible option for individuals and businesses. Head into your local Ford dealership and find out how you can save money with a lease.