The Modern Car Industry


Apart from technology, the car industry is one of the fast-changing fields in the world. Car makers continue to think of advancement in terms of car performance, engine, comfort, and safety.  These changes are necessary in order of car manufacturers to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the people.  Here are some of the latest car technology that is sure to take your driving experience to the next level.

Advances Safety Features

Safety is one of the most common concerns of car owners. Of course, car makers will not think twice about including the latest safety technology in their car production to make sure they are not on par with this advancement. If you are looking for safe cars, you may also check Marbesol. Here are some of the latest safety features.

  1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS allows drivers to control the car when forced to apply hard brakes. In cases where drivers cannot avoid to skid while wheels are locked, the ABS will still allow drivers to steer the car until they reach a safe place. This function also helps avoid collision with other cars and any immovable object.

  1. Eelectronic Brake-ForceDdistribution (EBD)

EBD technology determines the amount of break that needs to be applied to each wheel depending on the road condition and speed.

Driver Override System

This is so far the most advanced technology in the car industry. Cars with this latest invention are equipped with a central computer system. The override system is designed to detect any malfunction on the car pedals. The central computer system detects if there is a malfunction on the pedal and overrides the acceleration from the pedal and stops the car safely.

Advantages of Driver Override System

  1. Drivers will always maintain a safe distance.
  2. Drivers will always maintain a safe speed.

Disadvantages of Driver Override System

  1. Drivers should always be careful about their driving speed since the central computer system detects sudden acceleration, it might also coerce the vehicle to stop.
  2. Drivers cannot predict at what speed the car will stop.

Keyless Entry

As the name implies, this technology allows you to unlock car doors without using a key. A radio frequency signal is used to control the receiver installed in the vehicle.\

Advantages of Keyless Entry

  1. This technology cannot be easily altered.
  2. Lesser possibility of the locks being jammed.
  3. Drivers don’t have to carry big and bulky keys

Disadvantages of Keyless Entry

  1. Keyless door locks are electrically-powered and will not work properly in case of power malfunction.
  2. There is always a possibility of forgetting pass codes.

Gesture and voice activated

While driving, it is a great help when you do not have to look and search for buttons to turn on the radio, change radio stations, open your window, and activate GPS or any other things that might distract you from driving. This feature will allow drivers to set voice activation or even use gestures to turn on a car feature.

Final Thoughts

Cars have become one of the basic needs of people today. It provides owners with an easy and convenient way of transportation. Some settle for a basic car just for the purpose of getting them from one place to another, and some prefer fancy cars. We should always keep in mind that when we buy our car, it should be within budget. Buying a car must not add to your stress. It should give comfort and convenience to the owner.