Things to Consider When Your Teenager Gets Their First Car


Buying a car with your teenage son and daughter is both very exciting for them and very emotional for you. You want to see your child go off into the world and be successful, and having a car to drive every day is pretty much essential for that. At the same time, you worry about their safety, especially when they first starting out after getting their driver’s license. You also worry about their ability to follow the rules of the road and practice good judgment, as well as their ability to avoid other drivers who aren’t as careful. Consider these things when you’re shopping for their first car and preparing them to go out of the road for the first time.

First of all, does your child know what to do when something goes wrong with his or her car? Every single person who is driving on the road should know how to deal with the minor breakdowns and difficulties that come with car ownership. He or she should know how to change a tire and when to call for help. You should also make sure that you and your teenager both have a good relationship with a local, trustworthy repair shop. For example, if you need auto repair Crystal Lake IL, you can take them to a reputable company like Discount Muffler Brake Auto without worry. Accidents and problems are going to happen, especially if your teenager is driving and older car, so make sure they’re prepared.

Before your teenager gets behind the wheel for the first time on their own, make sure they have not only passed the required driver’s education classes but also shown a true understanding of what is at risk. Many parents go above and beyond and get extra driving lessons for their child, especially defensive driving classes, which have been proven to lower the number of accidents that drivers face. You should also go with them a few times and see how they handle a variety of driving situations, including bad weather. Make sure that your child is confident and capable before you let them go off all by his or herself.

Finally, make sure that your teenager knows what to do in the case of an emergency and knows all of the laws in your jurisdiction. You should feel confident that they won’t be using their cell phone while driving, which has proven to be exceptionally dangerous. Don’t be afraid to put limits on who else can be in the car with them while they are driving, either. Your child’s safety is the most important thing. You can help them to drive safely.