A Guide to Oversized Wheels and Tyres


People love their vehicles, and owners of 4WDs are no exception. For most, a vehicle is an extension of one’s personality; however, it’s also important that it performs as intended. To bring a 4×4 to its full potential, things like 4wd rims and tyres can add more ground clearance and off-road grip.

The oversized wheels commonly found on 4WDs serve all these functions, plus many more, and they have become more popular in the past few years. The availability of oversized tyres has increased as well, with most major manufacturers contributing to the market.

There are numerous options in the oversized wheel market, and you should be able to find just about any design or color you want. Below, you’ll find out which factors you should consider when buying oversized 4×4 wheels and tyres.

What They’re Used For

The market trend toward oversized tyres is focused mainly on the light-duty category, but there are a few additional applications. Many drivers prefer an aggressive stance and a raised look, and select 4wd accessories can help them achieve that goal. Oversized wheels are primarily for aesthetic purposes; the wide face of a machined or chrome wheel, as well as the increasing usage of painted rims, can be a real attention-getter on the street and off-road. However, wide wheels have more of an effect on performance. They’re used to gain additional traction for turning, braking and acceleration, and they’re commonly used on performance vehicles.

A Guide to Oversized Wheels and Tyres2

The Advantages of Oversized Wheels and Tyres

There are numerous benefits to using oversized tyres and wheels on a 4WD, and they can increase a vehicle’s performance beyond the factory limit.

  • Oversized tyres increase ground clearance for off-road vehicles
  • An aggressive tread pattern can grip rough terrain more effectively
  • They’re used on 4WDs and cars alike.
  • Wider tyres and wheels can provide better grip on dry surfaces

Things to Remember About Oversized Tyres

While oversized wheels and tyres can enhance certain aspects of an off-road vehicle’s performance,  as well low profile tyres, there are many safety factors to consider as well. Drivers should be aware of these issues and if they’re in doubt, they should consult a wheel and tyre expert. Consider the factors below:

  • Oversized tyres will change the speedometer’s output because they rotate fewer times per kilometer.
  • Taller tyres can rub on wheel wells or suspension parts if they aren’t correctly matched with the 4wd rims.
  • Oversized tyres can substantially decrease a vehicle’s turning radius.

If you are thinking of buying oversized wheels and tyres for a 4WD, you should carefully check the fitment before buying. If you’re unsure as to whether a particular setup will work for your 4×4, ask a tyre expert for advice.

Thanks for reading our article, I hope it helps you to choose the right rims and tyres for your vehicle. For more car and 4×4 tips, visit our Auto Hood blog over here.