Entune App features in Toyota Cars


The automaker brand Toyota has introduced their latest integrated multimedia navigation and telematics system, named Toyota Entune. Entune is built on the existing Toyota G-Book architecture which is meant to provide the vehicle with a real-time satellite-based information collected on surrounding traffic, local weather forecast, running sports scores, on stock market rates, and fuel prices through a subscription of SiriusXM. It consists of fun apps, based on Smart tech that helps you stay well-informed and well-connected.

Entune App Suite

The Toyota dealer Placerville informed that every new Toyota vehicle now is equipped with this Entune system that offers direct access to its own Entune App Suite. The Suite is made to cater an easy-to-use service that helps one to plan a trip with no hassle for navigation while enjoying a pleasure-drive to the place packed with entertainment options and free access to the world of information through a single app.

Find Destination with Voice Search

If you are out for a new destination to drive, all you need to do is name the place aloud and ask the app to find it on the map and drive as it keeps showing you the way through lighter traffic and the nearest route. The name of this voice search is Yelp and the function it performs is a Destination Search.

Smarter Directions and Integrated Navigation

With the Integrated Navigation 24 and the App Suite 32, Entune is always ready to help. It starts from showing you the way through its easy-to-read navigation system, and then its display would place every bit of information clearly on it with marked directions with continuous updates on real-time traffic. There is also a streamlined address input system with the cell phone based Scout GPS Link App 29, starts working through voice recognition that makes it all the easier for one to find your favourite hangout places, while you stay focused on the road.


Before you end up queuing after a long traffic, the real-time traffic monitoring, powered by HD Radio 23 would guide you through an alternative route that has lesser traffic and helps you know when it is the best time to enter the route. The Entune Premium Audio system is Integrated with the Navigation 24 system and you can choose to use this information in finding a more efficient route suggested by the app automatically, that also predicts the time of your arrival at the spot of your destination.

Streamlined Address Input

By simply uttering the address you want to go, you can make the Entune navigation system 24 work and help you to find it. The Placerville Toyota explains that the Entune system allows the users to program and store their favourite destinations, while the system is intelligent enough to even save those destinations which were searched previously which comes handy when you drive to your regular destinations.


The Toyota Entune is made available and accessible in the Toyota vehicles with a 3-month trial subscription to an All Access SiriusXM subscription. Every channel would be available in your car, that would include all premium programming that brings to you commercial-free music, news, plus sports, comedy and talk show.