Brighten up the Night: Why are Your Headlights the Most Important Feature on Your Vehicle?


As we approach winter, the nights are drawing in and so it’s time to consider the most important safety aspect of your car – the headlights. When it comes to safe driving, being able to see and be seen is of the upmost importance.

Good visibility is essential for driving at night and your headlights are a vital safety tool. Here we take a look at the different types of lights you can get to give you clear vision on the road.


Xenon technology has become hugely popular in the production of most modern cars, particularly German vehicles which are renowned for their superior safety features. In fact, researchers in Germany have shown that vehicles fitted with Xenon headlights save around 18% of lives lost in night-time traffic incidents. Now this technology is more widely available in America and the brighter beams of Xenon lights are lighting the way on more vehicles, giving drivers more chances to see if there is a hazard ahead of them on a poorly lit road.


Another kind of technology that is rapidly increasing in popularity is LED, which are really useful in that they are daytime running lights which make you more visible on the road. They also look good from a styling point of view but their importance is in the technology that draws attention to vehicles in lower light conditions. LED lights are also popular as brake lights because they are brighter and faster to react than regular bulbs and they have even been fitted as main headlights on some models of cars including Audi sedans.


Laser technology for vehicle lights is the latest kind of technology the auto industry is looking closely at right now. BMW has announced plans to include laser technology in its production cars and the brand first included laser lights back in 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Another German brand, Audi have also previewed laser technology with a specific safety theme by creating a feature that projects an image of a red warning triangle onto the road behind the car. Laser technology remains something that is still in the planning stage and it’s unlikely it will roll out to mainstream production cars in the near future.

Make the Most of What You Have

Even if you don’t have lasers, Xenon or LED lighting on your car, you can maintain your headlights so they’re always working to maximum. Blown bulbs or defective headlights can create significant hazards on the road which are unnecessary if they are regularly checked. It’s really easy to check your car’s lights and while you’re making sure your headlights are in order, take a look at your direction and brake lights at the same time. It is important to keep the lenses clean on your headlights too as they can get dirty very quickly from daily driving. Ensuring your headlights are always working as they should is one of the best ways to keep safe when driving at night or in poorly lit